Best top 10 websites in the world


top 10 websites in the world: Hello friends In today’s day, we are surfing online or doing anything online every day and it has become a part of our lives. Today there are approximately 2.5 billion + Website around the entire internet and more than 15000 domain name is being Daily Register.

Best top 10 websites in the world, best websites in the world

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Best top 10 websites in the world

Some of these are also popular. Today we will know about those Top 10 Website in the world. A survey has said that almost 70% of the Internet World traffic goes to these websites. So let’s know what’s the top 10 Website in the World.


Google is an American multinational company. Google’s founder Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who started Google in 1998. Right now Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Google is a Search Engine. Well, who does not know about Google?

Anyone who knows how to use the Internet, they know about Google. You may also be reading this article on Guruji Tips Blog by doing Google Search. With the help of Google Search Engine, User can search anything like Text, Image, and Video. Initially, Google came to the Market with Search Engine Concept But today there are many Google products available in the Online Market.

Today Google is providing almost all services and tools. Such as Gmail to send and receive electronic documents, Google Drive to document store, and so on. World’s most trusted company in Google Advertising.


Who does not know about Youtube? Youtube is a video streaming site. Along with Video Sharing, Monetizing Video and Youtube can also reduce your money. It started on 14 Feb 2005 by Steve Chen, Chnad Hurley, and Jawed Karim. The first video on Youtube was uploaded by Javed Karim on April 23, 2005.

You can also upload your video on Youtube as well as any Video Search. Today almost all Tutorial Free of Cost is available on Youtube. Being a video tutorial, it is easy to see and understand the user.


Facebook name is enough. Many people understand Ithe internet then Facebook. Launching Time of Facebook was very accurate and seeing the world became number 1 Social Media Platform.

Facebook started by Mark Zukerberg in his college days on February 4, 2004. There are monthly 2 billion active users on Facebook. This is a multilingual platform. Here is a profile of people who know almost everyone.

By creating a Facebook profile you can contact people sitting in any corner of the world. In Facebook, we can share any photo, video, or convey the message of your mind as a status to the logo.


Baidu is a Chinese company. This is also a search engine like google. This site is China’s Google Search Engine. Google has banned in China. The company began with 1 January 2000 Beijing, the capital of China. Baidu offers around 50 ways of fetures to people like baidu web, baidu video, baidu image, baidu search, etc.


Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia. Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger started Wikipedia together and now Wikipedia is run by Wikipedia Foundation.

It started on 15 Jan 2001. Initially, it was started in English language only but now supports Wikipedia 295 language. Wikipedia now has approximately 40 million articles in 250 languages.

So far, it has got 18 billion page views and every year there are 500 million unique Page Views. The most important thing on this site is that you can also edit this article.

6. Yahoo

Yahoo is a web portal and or else it is also a search engine. It was started on March 2, 1995 by Jerry Yang and David Filo.

Yahoo also provides many types of services. Like yahoo answers, yahoo search, yahoo mail, yahoo directory, yahoo finance, yahoo news, etc. Yahoo also provides a social media website which is quite popular in the US.


Google India is a part of Google company. In search after this, only Indian page is shown in the result. From the very beginning, India has been a huge market. Google is a very big market in India. Google is now marketing itself in Rural India too.


Reddit is an American social news site. Its founder was Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian, both of whom were Room Mate in the University of Virginia.

He started Reddit on June 23, 2005, Reddit’s Slogan is “The front page of the Internet”. It has its parent organization Advance Publications.

9. Tecentqq

Tecent QQ is a Chinese company. It is also known as QQ. QQ is made by Tencent Holding limited company. It was launched in China in February 1999 and it has just been launched in Microsoft Windows 5 months earlier.

QQ is a messaging application that is very popular in China. So far there are more than 900 million of its users worldwide. QQ is available in 6 languages worldwide.

QQ offers more services such as online game, music, shopping, micro blogging, movies, group and voice chats etc.

10. Amazon

Amazon is an online shopping and cloud computing company. It was started by Jeff Bezos on 5 July 1994. Amazon is the largest retail shop in the world of internet in today’s world.

Amazon used to do Books Sale only at its starting point, then slowly DVD, Audio books, software, games and today it has become the world’s largest retail shop.

Now Amazon produces and assembles itself as many products as Kindle E-reader, Fire Tablet, Fire TV and Latest Product Echo.


I hope you have understood about Best top 10 websites in the world. you must know about these 10 websites which I have told you.

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