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What is blogging: There are so many things on the internet which you do not know. blogging is one of them. I have 2-year experience in blogging so I think I have a bit of knowledge about blogging. if you want to know what is blogging and how to do so today I am going to tell you everything about blogging.

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I am trying my best to provide fare and best information for you read this article and then action.

If I will start telling about blogging so 5000 words also will be less. but today I will describe you every important point about blogging. I know that so many questions will come into your mind but first, we know about what is blogging?

What is blogging

blogging is nothing, just writing about any topic. You have to create a website and write on that for the public. I think you notice that whenever you search anything on google you got just a link, which redirects you to any different-different websites.

These websites also created by those people who provided you information about any particular topic. They all are bloggers.

  • Blogging is also an art like singing, dancing, etc. If you want minor changes in your self so start blogging today.

who write blog known as a blogger. Writing blogs and diaries is just one and the only difference. The diary may be personalized. But, the blog is written for the public.

The desire of all bloggers is more and more people read their blog. What’s strange is that the diary writer wants no one read his diary But, bloggers just live and sleep with only one dream More and more people read their blog, comment more and more.

It is understandable that Blogging meaning Writing.

Why blogging?

ok, we are doing blogging, but you know why? you can do everything that you want by the help of blogging. Today blogging is treating as businesses. You can earn by blogging you can famous yourself by blogging.

Profit of blogging

 profit of blogging, what is bloggingThere are so many profits of blogging which I am going to telling you. You can get all these profits.

These profits will help you to make the decision for blogging. So just think about these points.


  • Blogging is the best way to earn money online.
  • You can make your own identity in the internet (virtual) world.
  • From blogging, there is something new to learn every day.
  • Blogging lets you learn how to write.
  • Your way of explaining is very great.
  • There is no need for any technical information for blogging.
  • Blogging increases your knowledge.
  • You will become the best learner.
  • Your talent will be shown in front of many peoples.
  • Your waste time will be used

Do not wait, create a blog and start blogging. You can start by creating a free blog on blogger.

Blogging is free or paid

many people ask this question to me that blogging is free or it is paid? My answer is you can start blogging free but after some time you can move to paid blogging you can use blogger.com to start free blogging.

If you want to invest some money so you can use WordPress. but I will recommend you to blogger if you are new in blogging.

If you have learned something about blogging so you go to WordPress.

what is important to do blogging?

many people think that there are many tools important to do blogging but you are wrong.
I am going to telling you, what you need to do blogging.

  • Most importantly, you need a better internet connection to do blogging. without the internet, you can not do blogging.
  • Second, you need a system(device) where you can use the internet. like mobile, laptop, computer If you have no computer or laptop, don’t worry you can use only mobile.
  • If you are doing blogging so you have to patience because time is important in blogging. it is the time taking process. I have invested my 2 years in blogging.
  • You have to some basic knowledge on that topic, where you are going to do start blogging.

What is blogging all about

Blogging is not only about making money there are many things which is important in blogging. I will tell you 2 points about blogging which is most important.

if you start your blog to make money so you will fail.

  • Blogging is all about making impact to the users: What impact are you making through your blog for your users. what do people get different from your blog that they are not getting from anywhere? you have to do something different for your users because they are finding something different. If you are copying anyone so why they will come to you and why they read your blog.

You have to do something different from others.

  • blogging is all about solving the real-life problem: If you are able to solve any problem of the user so are a blogger. Only writing is not important. If your content is really helpful to anyone so it is worthy otherwise it waste. If your content is helpful so users will read this.

write for your user not for your self.


I hope you have understood what is blogging? I want to say only start blogging today. You can start free blogging on blogger.com but after learning you can move on the WordPress. We have talked about every important point related to what is blogging? If you have any type of doubt so you can freely comment and ask.

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